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Detect Intrusion - Alarm

A network attack can cost you your business. Perimeter and desktop/server defenses such as firewalls and antivirus software eliminate some threats but leave your internal network vulnerable to attack. It's a risk you can't afford to take.

Protecting your server is a top priority at Terranet. That's why we've partnered with Alert Logic to bring you Threat Manager, an on-demand intrusion detection system (IDS) that blocks network attacks, manages server vulnerabilities and automates IT compliance - securing your confidential data and networks from within.

Here's How It Works

Threat Manager is a three-in-one security solution that:

Protects from Intrusions Identifies and eliminates more than 12,000 threats 24/7 monitoring by SANS certified analysts Actively blocks and quarantines per policy Correlates network events, vulnerabilities and global threat data

Manages Vulnerability Continuous asset discovery, vulnerability assessment and resolution workflow Weights and prioritizes asset risk

Automates Compliance Reporting Easy-to-use compliance reporting and dashboards for PCI/CISP, GLBA, SOX and HIPPAA Integrated PCI certification scans and self-assessment questionnaires Communicates network security posture with detailed and executive-level online reports

Don't Waste Time with False Alarms

Threat Manager correlates seven different factors before confirming an attack or incident worthy of your attention so you can focus your energy on actual security breaches instead of false alarms.